Sunday, April 10, 2011

Avira’s Anti-Virus Technology Used by ZeoBIT in New System Utility - MacKeeper

Avira provides anti-malware scanning engine to MacKeeper App

Tettnang / Silicon Valley, March 11, 2011 – IT security expert Avira announced today that it licensed its industry-leading antivirus product to Silicon Valley-based ZeoBIT to be used in ZeoBIT’s MacKeeper product. MacKeeper is an all-in-one app that includes 16+ unique features for security, cleaning, data control and optimization for Macintosh computers.

Designed as a 911 app for Mac OS that will keep a Mac secured, clean, reliable, fast and up to date, MacKeeper provides:

Protection from both Mac OS and Windows threatsDetection of viruses, identity thefts, phishing, spyware and malwareWeb browsing safety by revealing fraudulent websites and unsafe downloads

“It’s true that Macs do not suffer from as many attacks and viruses than their Windows-based counterparts, but Avira feels that because Macs exchange files with all other operating systems, the opportunity for malware to infect a Mac is increasing every day,” said Sascha Beyer, CTO, Avira. “It’s mandatory today to have protection on a Mac, and Avira is very pleased that our technology is being used to protect Mac devices.”

The licensing agreement allows ZeoBIT to use Avira’s Secure Anti-Virus API, the official interface for Avira’s anti-malware scanning engine. The Avira scanning technology is integrated into a service, which runs in background and accepts scanning requests from MacKeeper.

“Since our launch last fall with MacKeeper 1.0, ZeoBIT has been busy making our security product for Macs the best it can be and we’re certainly pleased to add the security prowess of Avira to our product,” said Slava Kolomiychuk, CEO, ZeoBIT LLC. “Mac users are facing increasing amounts of malware and our goal is to protect them so they never have to worry about being compromised.”

Since 2008, ZeoBIT LLC has been developing, promoting and supporting software for Mac OS and Windows platforms. ZeoBIT LLC is located in the US (headquarters) and in Ukraine (development center).

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Avira Celebrates 25 Years of Extreme Reliability and Internet Freedom

Born in the Same Year as the First PC Computer Virus – Avira Offers a Birthday Promotion

Tettnang, April 04 2011 – IT security expert Avira celebrates today its 25th anniversary of protecting PCs and laptops. A birth year it shares with the first PC computer virus, which also appeared 25 years ago. Keeping computers secure and free of malware has been the goal of Avira since its first day in business.

Fast forward to today and Avira protects more than 100 million customers worldwide and maintains sales, support and development offices in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Japan, Malaysia, Hong-Kong, China and North America. Protecting customers is still the company’s top priority.

“Viruses and malware have changed a lot in 25 years, and our job has always been to stay one step ahead of the bad guys, keeping our customers secure” said Sascha Beyer, Chief Operating Officer, Products & Services, Avira GmbH. “We are proud of our reputation for quality and reliability which we have among security companies, and of the trust we have earned from our millions of customers.”

Avira develops antivirus security software for both consumer and business markets, and its free Avira AntiVir Personal software is one of the most downloaded software products in the world.

“When we talk to our millions of customers about what Avira’s security software means to them, we tend to get the same two responses: freedom and reliability,” said Travis Witteveen, Chief Operating Officer, Market & Operations, Avira GmbH. “Freedom from the frustration and expense that results from virus infections, malware outbreaks and other malicious by-products of the open Internet. The reliability, which comes with a German-engineered product designed specifically our users. Avira just works.”

Avira’s 25th Anniversary Offer:
To celebrate its 25th anniversary of protecting computer users, Avira is offering customers 25% off of Avira AntiVir Premium and Avira Premium Security Suite products until April 22.

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 General Method of propagation:
• No own spreading routine

•  Eset: Win32/Kryptik.LJY

Platforms / OS:
• Windows XP
• Windows 2003
• Windows Vista
• Windows Server 2008
• Windows 7

Side effects:
• Drops files
• Falsley reports malware infection or system problems and offers to fix them if the user buys the application.
• Registry modification
• Pricetrap function - user is fooled into making a costly subscription

Right after execution the following information is displayed:

Description inserted by Alexander Bauer on Friday, March 11, 2011
Description updated by Alexander Bauer on Friday, March 11, 2011

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Avira warns of Windows vulnerability

Cyber criminals abuse an open security vulnerability in all Windows versions to inject malware into PCs

Tettnang, 21 July 2010 – In Windows operating systems there is currently a vulnerability which attackers can abuse to smuggle in viruses. It suffices to open a specially prepared USB stick or a folder containing a manipulated link with Windows Explorer, warns IT security expert Avira, whose security software protects from this threat.

For the security vulnerability in the processing of file links (.lnk files) within all supported Windows operating systems, Microsoft released a security advisory; an update to eliminate this vulnerability is not yet available, though. The company currently merely provides a guide to deactivate a Windows service as well as the defective processing routines for the .lnk files, which seems to be too complicated for the most users and poses the risk to render the system unusable by a small error. Additionally, the start and quick start menu show a standard icon for all programs after the procedure, which decreases usability significantly.

Thorsten Sick, Product Manager at Avira, recommends to use up-to-date antimalware: “Avira protects users from this threat by detecting and blocking malware which abuses the vulnerability with heuristic analysis. Avira herewith delivers proactive protection against this vulnerability, already without requiring special virus definition updates.” Malware of this kind is detected by Avira as EXP/CVE-2010-2568.A and EXP/CVE-2010-2568.B, respectively.

The security vulnerability was abused by a Trojan at first which Avira detects as RKit/Stuxnet.A. It can, for instance, spread via USB sticks. The malware becomes active just by opening the USB stick with Windows Explorer. Meanwhile, there is Proof-of-Concept code available on the Internet which cyber criminals can put into their malware to abuse the vulnerability. It is very likely that more malware will show up in the next days abusing this security hole.

The basic protection of Avira AntiVir Personal detects and blocks the dangerous malware. Avira AntiVir Premium offers a higher protection level for $25.93. The integrated WebGuard and MailGuard block the malware even before it reaches the web browser or mail program. The Avira Premium Security Suite for $51.93 also protects from these threats and additionally contains a firewall, parental control and a backup solution – so that users can restore their important data.

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Monday, February 28, 2011


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Damage Potential: Low to medium Sorry, I could not read the content fromt this page.

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